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Chemical & Mechanical Control 

The Purpose of using herbicides for control is to quickly and efficiently reduce the current stand of invasive plant to a manageable level. The Lake Erie CWMA works with the landowner to develop a program that will be beneficial to the owners land and make future management easier and more productive for the marsh.


On stands of invasives that have been sprayed the previous year, the CWMA may "smash" the dead plants to facilitate the reestablishment of beneficial plants. This is also helpful for preparing to burn the dead plants. Not all herbicide treated areas will be conducive for smashing or burning. The CWMA will work with the landowner to determine the best course of action for their land. 

Key Benefits

  • Stop the spread of invasives

  • Return the wildlife to beneficial plants

  • Establish a more productive marsh 

Aerial herbicide application on Phragmites.

Controlling Phragmite along a dike by the ground crew. 

Smashing Phragmite that had been previously sprayed. 

Controlling invasives in a non-typical wetland area. 

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